15 Awesome Things About Interstellar!


So this is like SUPER late and I apologize for it, but as the old saying goes “…better late than never…


Anyway, please go ahead and check out my list of…

15 Things That Are Awesome About Interstellar !

And obviously go see the movie if you haven’t.

One last thing…SPOILERS!


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Dog Owner

12 Things That All ‘Aggressive’ Dog Owners Are Tired of Listening To


So something that’s always bothered me is when people see a big or ‘aggressive’ dog and then freak out on you.

They become scared, intimidated, and then look for ways to get you and you’re perfectly non-vicious dog in trouble.

Scared of dogs

And that’s why I wrote this next very important article to me on…

…12 Things That Annoy All ‘Aggressive’ Dog Owners.

Annoying People

Yes…yes it is…

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19 Interesting Things About Working At A REAL Irish Bar.


Most people have a lot of misconceptions about the Irish, and especially what it’s like inside of a real Irish Bar.

That’s why I wrote this next piece for Shiftgig, again, about…

19 Ways That You Know You Work At A REAL Irish Bar!

Irish Bar

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9 Struggles That All Grad Students In A ‘Technical’ Field Understand


This next post is all about my experience(s) in grad school.

No School

LOL YA, I wish this could happen.

And just FYI I actually am in Grad school at the moment, DePaul University and Computer Game Development if you were wondering…maybe? Video Games

Part of grad school is the difficulty of it, but for me there’s an even more interesting caveat…

…that I came from a Liberal Arts background to a technical one.

The struggles have been real and that’s why I felt the need to write this article about:

The 9 Struggles That All Grad School Students Can Relate To If They Came From Liberal Arts To Something Technical

Ya, I know. That title’s kind of long, but I had no real way of shortening it without losing some of the point and making it too arbitrary of a title.

Anyway, please read, enjoy, and laugh at my misery and failness.


I actually feel a lot like that guy right now.

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A Funny List of 9 Things To Make Fun Of About The New Dracula Movie


So WOW! It’s been awhile, and I’ve definitely missed blogging and this blog. Blog2

Sorry, you can blame Grad school for that. I’ve just started and it’s a little bit harder than I thought it’d be.

But I’m back!


This time, I decided to rip on and make fun of another movie that I recently saw…

Dracula Untold 

Now, just to be clear. I don’t actually hate this movie, or most of the ones that I rip on…I just enjoy nitpicking and really thinking about the plot details and then breaking down the story and trying to find flaws or things that I would’ve done differently. But I don’t dislike the movie, let’s just make that clear.

Alright, enough of that.

Please check out my…

9 Funny Things About Dracula


No, not THAT movie...that one's OLD school.

No, not THAT movie…that one’s OLD school.


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Sam and Dean

23 Reasons Why Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever


Sorry I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a little while now, but I definitely wanted to share this next post I made on Buzzfeed. Because it’s all about…

23 Reasons Why Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever!


You should probably put your hand on the screen in front of this ^ GIF if you don’t want anything spoiled for you.

Seriously, this is like favorite show ever. I could go on and on and on about why and how much I love the trifecta of Sam, Dean, and Cas just killing it onscreen. But then it’d be a little redundant, plus I don’t want to sound like an obsessed fanboy.

Crazy Fan

Ya…like THIS^ guy.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out yet, then please head on over to Buzzfeed and give it a quick read. It only takes like 30 seconds since it’s mostly just GIFs, but it WILL be hilarious to you if you watch the show and get the references. And obviously, consider watching the show if you haven’t seen it already.


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12 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You At Work


Accidents happen at work. Especially in bars and restaurants. And sometimes $hit happens too!

Schmidt Happens

In light of that very obvious statement, I made a list of…

12 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You If You Work In The Service Industry

Hopefully, my article will trigger laughter and a brief moment of comedic relief, like looking back on a nostalgic memory.

But just in case, somebody gets like Vietnam-style flashbacks to horrible, terrible memories I’m sorry and here’s a completely inappropriate and NSFW GIF of a really hot chick shaking her @ss.

Dat ASs

Professionalism be damned!

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