Intro to Digital History

Hello and welcome to the official WordPress blog for Digital History.

My name is TimberWolfOne, and I am the one who makes the videos on Digital History. This is my first time ever trying anything like this. Both blogging and video-making/editing. So if things are exactly up to par with professional level stuff then please let me know and how I can fix it.

So to sum things up, Digital History, is a Youtube channel where I use video games to simulate and recreate historical battles that were significant to the course of human history. Basically, I’m using/making machinima to make epic battle scenes. I will be using the Total War series of games for now as the raw footage. Bandicam is the capture/recording software I’ll be using, and Sony Vegas (actually it’s Movie Studio Platinum) 12 is my video-editing software. Here and there I might add in some custom sounds which will primarily be done through Sony Sound Forge. If new software or updates are necessary to this list I will include them as appropriate.

Now that we’ve gotten the background stuff out of the way I want to get to why I’m doing this. In a nutshell, I’m making this channel because I like history, I like military history the most, and I really like awesome battle scenes. So basically this channel is done for entertainment reasons primarily, but this doesn’t mean I’m just going to mindlessly make battle scenes. Anyone could do that. My channel will focus specifically on battles that I believe were significant or that altered the course of human history. I believe that these are important parts of mankind’s past that everyone should at least be familiar with, and going off of that I will always include some tactical/strategy exposition in my videos to explain how each side won or lost.

And that leads me to the second reason on why I’m making these videos that were totally harder to do and more time-consuming than I originally thought. It’s because they are educational in nature, and I hope to educate my viewers regardless of who they are. Just think of this as lifting weights for your intellect.

So I feel like this is enough for now. I actually have to get back to my first real video, but keep checking back here as often as you can. I will be updating this blog as much as possible. There are already a few other widgets and whatnot that I intend to put in. Until then, please like, comment, follow, share, and tell all your friends and family about me.

Take care,



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