So, today’s post is going to be an update on some changes I’d like to make to this blog.

I’ll begin this post by really quickly listing off what I want to go over then I’ll elaborate. So my points are:


1) Talking about what the changes are that I’m about to make in regards to the future of this blog


2) Why I’m making those changes,


Alright, so my first topic is that I’ll be taking this blog into a new direction. I intend for this blog to double as my online portfolio so to speak. I’m considering pursuing a career in social media marketing. Part of that involves being able to write and blog well on WordPress. Having an understanding and a good track record of posts on WordPress is essential if not vitally necessary for this goal. In short, if you want to work in social media you might want to prove to your future employer that you can at least handle blogging on WordPress.

So, why exactly am I doing this? Well simple, in order for me to work in social media as a professional I have to demonstrate to potential employers that I have a solid understanding of it in the first place. Now pretty much everyone knows how to use Facebook and Instagram to gain followers. That’s really nothing special or complicated, but what separates the wheat from the chaff in this case is how well you can write on the internet. This most commonly comes in the form of blogging, and WordPress is the undeniable king of blogs. So the obvious conclusion, is that you need to master WordPress or at least take the first steps to doing so. That’s why I’m taking this blog in a new direction. This blog will serve to demonstrate, to any potential employers out there, that not only am I familiar with and comfortable using WordPress, but that my personal writing style is of an interesting yet professional nature. It’s very simple actually, if you can get a lot of followers on WordPress, it looks good on your part. Even more importantly, if you can write in a professional yet personable way, you stand a better chance of the right people taking notice of your work and being impressed by it.

See blogs are one of the major ways that companies use to affect their reputation and bottom line. It’s a simple and convenient way of marketing themselves, a.k.a., getting more people to know about them and generating interest in the company. And the more people that know your name and are interested in what you do, then the more sales/revenue you can generate. Now this is where I come in, I hope to use this blog to prove to whoever is looking that I can use WordPress to garner some positive attention. If I still haven’t proven my point yet, then think of it this way. No one is going to hire you to write for their blog or maybe even to manage their Facebook page if you have NO track record of doing something similar for yourself in your own off time. A potential employer will probably think to themselves, how can I trust this guy to accomplish his goals of attracting more clients/customers/people when he doesn’t even bother to do it on his own in his off time?

Lastly, before I end this post, I want to mention that Digital History is not being abandoned and will continue on in it’s current form. Likewise, the PRIMARY focus of this blog is still going to be tied into Digital History.

Thanks, that is all!

Best Regards,






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