Next Battle Coming Soon!

Hey guys,

So I realized that I’ve kind of neglected what originally brought us all here. The Youtube videos I promised to make of epic battle scenes. Well, I’ve finally got some more free time and have settled on which battle my next episode is going to focus on. Which is…The Battle of Carthage!

That’s right, the one that made Rome into Rome. This was the make or break moment of arguably the world’s greatest empire. If Rome had screwed this one up, they probably would’ve faded into obscurity like so many other puny, little fiefdoms who didn’t make the cut, and are now just important enough to warrant a page or two in some high school kid’s ‘World History Textbook’. But instead, the Romans, being the conquering warriors they were completely annihilated Carthage and began a legacy that would live to this day, and probably even longer than ours.

So hopefully you guys are all as excited as I am about this next episode. In the meantime, I’ll try and keep everyone updated as frequently as possible.

Until next time,



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