The Importance of Motivation: How having the Right Attitude is a Necessity for Success While Having the Wrong One Gaurantees Failure

Hey everyone,

Today I wanted to do a quick post about something that is of personal value to me. It’s about motivation and attitude. More importantly, it’s about having the right kinds of motivation/attitude, a.k.a., a positive one as opposed to a negative one.


Now before I go any further, I’d like to tell you about the story of what led me to write this post. After that it’ll probably be a little easier to understand the value of a position attitude in life.

So this happened at work one time a while back. My co-workers and I were socializing during some down time, and we got to talking about a video game that 2 of my co-workers liked to play a lot. The game was called ‘Kerbal Space Simulator’ or something to that extent. It was essentially a space-flight/engineering simulator. The player has to digitally build a working spaceship inside of a VERY realistic digital world and then test it. Anyway, the main point was that only a pretty intelligent person could be successful at it, which these 2 co-workers of mine were. But, there was one issue.

When I asked them the question of “Why don’t you guys ever try to design your own games?” They flew off into a variety of reasons why they would never be able to do it. All this self-doubt and negativity just came pouring out. They said all of this, despite the fact that the 2 of them were actually pretty well-versed and familiar with the Java and Javascript programming languages as well as HTML and CSS. That’s basically all the foundation that you would need to start game development, and yet these 2 still wouldn’t even entertain the mere idea of giving it a shot. And that’s when it occurred to me.

That these guys were the perfect real-life example of how the WRONG attitude will absolutely KILL all hopes, dreams, aspirations, or even potential for success. Think about it, if even 1 of these guys had actually given it a legitimate effort he’d probably be on his way to a much more comfortable life of luxury. I mean we have ‘Flappy Bird’ which took the creator all of 2 days to make and netted him a gross DAILY revenue of $50,000 before it was taken off the market. If that game worked out so well, there’s no reason why 1 of these guys couldn’t have at least gotten their foot in the door with a game development company or some other IT firm once they had built up a decent portfolio of their work. And yet, my co-workers NEVER even tried to.

Which is exactly why after having been out of high school for the better part of a decade now, those 2 were still living with their parents and working in a wage-job that was clearly meant for students. And that’s my final point!

That when you become a naysayer, you become your own worst enemy. You end up never growing yourself as a person either intellectually or professionally. You end up doomed to a life of financial dependence on your parents as well as an ever-decreasing level of social status. Let’s face it, when you’re close to 30 yrs old and still basically being where you started when you first graduated high school; you’ve become a social pariah. People are not going to want to associate with you, but this could all be different, if only a positive outlook on life was built into these 2.

So bottom line guys, please for your own sake, keep telling yourself that you can do it. That you can succeed. That you do have what it takes. Because the alternative means dooming yourself to an ever-lasting cycle of failure.

That’s all I have for this post, I hope this truly affected you for the better. And please remember that if you liked what you saw then please comment, like, follow, subscribe, and share with all your friends and family. Thanks and take care!


Until Next Time,



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