Portability: Why Companies Need to Embrace Social Media Marketing and Advertising in a World of Increasing Smartphone Usage


For this article I wanted to go a little more in-depth as to why you should have a smartphone. This post will be a continuation of my previous post where I basically said that you should have a smartphone, but this time I’m going to focus on why companies need to understand that smartphones, in combination with social media marketing, will completely revolutionize the future of all advertisements.

Right now you may be wondering, “just how exactly are smartphones and social media revolutionizing the advertisement industry?” And the answer is, the same way it’s done in the movie Minority Report. Remember this?

Well now you do. See, in the universe that Minority Report takes place in there’s advanced technology that allows advertisers to identify each and every individual that walks by then send them a targeted ad. That ‘looks’ all cool and futuristic, until you realize that we basically have this capability right NOW!

That’s right, in our world today advertisers can and actually do cater their marketing content to specific people. This comes in the forms of those ads that you see on social media sites like Facebook. Have you ever noticed how they seem to change based on what you’ve clicked on recently in your internet browser? How about when you ‘Google search’ a specific company, product, organization, etc. and then the next time you log onto Facebook those ads either reflect the same companies you were just looking at or a similar product in the same industry? Well, that’s known as behavioral targeting, and advertisers do it all the time now. In fact, this is one of the biggest ways that Facebook (and by extension, all of social media,) has not only changed how the internet affects the entire world but also how they’ve made a boat load of money. Don’t believe me? Well go see for yourself.

For those that didn’t click on the link, that was Facebook’s official announcement on their own page that says that now anyone can use the ‘Custom Audiences’ feature to send their ads directly to their most likely potential customer base. Of course, none of this is really all that new. These types of techniques have been going on for quite some time now, but what is new is how increasingly popular and affordable smartphones have become. This, in turn, will lead to a proliferation of customized ads that can target their intended client base AT THE RIGHT TIME. And this is where I explain to you how smartphones AND social media combined TOGETHER means that you, as a company, need to really jump on the social media marketing bandwagon


See, smartphones allow and pretty much encourage their users to be connected with their social media sites at all times, like 24/7; and when this happens that means that those same ads that were tailored ever so specifically for that very well-targeted audience will now pop up at just the right time for the guy seeing it to think to himself “You know what? Maybe I really do need that new pair of golf shoes.” This works for just about any sort of advertising by the way. Consumer products, vacation resorts, grass roots political movements, cult meetings, etc. And that’s the real magic happening right there!

Because, in the past, it used to be that those same so-called ‘behavioral ads’ weren’t all THAT effective since their major weakness was that a person could only see the ads if they were logged in on Facebook (or whatever social media site they use), and they couldn’t be logged on if they weren’t with a computer which meant that those ads would only show up at certain time periods. Time periods which may not always be most advantageous to the advertiser/producer, and that’s an obviously going to be an issue if you want your potential client to buy from you/pay attention to what you want them to pay attention to. Bottom line is, if you don’t time your ads well it won’t matter how good they are or how high the quality of your product or service is, because no one will give you the chance to prove those last 2 things. Honestly, they might not even be aware that your company/product/service even exists in the first place. But that’s all changed.

Now, the smartphone WILL show the ad in the user’s feed, and the ad WILL appear at the right time. Which means that the consumer WILL be aware of you, your company, and what you can do for them; leading to the undeniable conclusion that your sales, revenue, profit margins, etc. WILL go up.

And finally, we’ve come full circle. Just like how Tom Cruise’s character in Minority Report was practically getting spammed with advertisements directed specifically at him, social media and smartphones are also transmitting through a direct link to the consumer. A link that a smart advertiser, in combination with a far-sighted company, can take advantage of. Minus the whole ‘spamming’ part, of course.

Timing by Carl Lewis

Anyway, guys I hope you had as much fun reading that as I did writing it. Also, I hope that I was able to impress onto to you a few new things as well. And, as always, if you enjoyed what you saw then please like, comment, follow, subscribe, and share with all your friends and family.

Until next time,


P.S. I’ve decided to refer to my readers as ‘wolfpack’ for now. This is because my online moniker is TimberWolfOne after all and I like wolves because they are cool. Thanks, that is all!


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