It is with great regret that I must inform you that the Digital History blog is about to undergo some massive changes.

Specifically, I am going to shift the content of my videos away from the epic battle scenes using Total War machinima. The reason why is because it has come to my attention that the Youtube channel, as it currently stands, just simply isn’t getting enough views.

When I began this channel, one of my express goals was for it to go ‘viral’ or at the very least to gain at least 1,000 views on a video.

So far, this has not happened and it does not appear likely that this will ever be the case.

As such, I’ve decided to temporarily take a step back and re-evaluate the direction of my channel.

This will obviously take some time and as of the time of this writing I have no idea exactly how long this might take. However, please note that I am most certainly NOT discontinuing the channel. I am merely changing it to focus on a different subject altogether in an effort to evolve and adapt over some challenges that I did not see coming.

With that said, I thank you all for very much for your support and views and respectfully request that you keep me mind for the future.

Until next time,



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