Super Heroes as Meals


So I had a lot of fun doing this one with Shiftgig.

Basically, my boss asked me what I think each Super Hero would be, if they were a meal that you could order at a restaurant. So I thought and thought about it, then came up with the following list:

Super Meals!

Super Hero Meals

The Hulk was not included in this list because he is a raging idiot!


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Pranks and Peppers


The following are two more pieces that I did for Shiftgig.

The first article is a list of pranks that restaurant staff have admitted to pulling on each other. Pretty funny stuff!

And the second is my attempt at making my own memes/funny pictures. It’s a list of peppers from least to most spicy.

Here they are:






Thanks and enjoy!


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What's Real?

Truth or Fiction?


This next article that I wrote for was a step in a new direction of sorts.

I decided that instead of just simply telling another crazy bar story (because everyone’s heard their fair share of those) I would write a story and have the readers guess whether or not the story was true.

Additionally, I asked the readers to pick out which parts of the story, specifically, are complete fabrications if they believe that that particular story was fictional.

So here it is, a bar story to test your own built-in Bullshit-o-meter!

Is it real or fake?

Penrose Triangle

Drunk Fail

21st Birthday Fail


This next story that I wrote for Shiftgig was something that I witnessed personally while still working in the industry in the summer of 2013. Anyway, please learn from this girl’s mistake and don’t do what she did.

EPIC 2st Birthday Fail!” 21st!Until next time,


That’s One Way to Get a Tip


While sitting at work the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that an interesting video popped up on my Facebook feed.

It was about a restaurant who decided that they’d had enough with non-tipping customers, and so they actually decided to physically prevent a table from leaving until they paid their bill in full with a tip.

Here’s the link:

“Give me my tips!!!” Shitty Tipper

The Four Horsemen


So one of my favorite drinks, if not my number favorite, is the Four Horsemen.

Yes, it’s a very strong drink, but that’s part of the appeal for me. And if you don’t know what a Four Horsemen is then please check out this short post that I made:

“The Four Horsemen” Four Horsemen