First Articles


I’ve recently started a new internship with a tech startup in Chicago called The best way to describe Shiftgig is use their own punchline which is that they are “…the LinkedIN of the service industry…”

Anyway, my specific title is Content Developer. Which basically means that I will be writing articles, blog posts, and doing Buzfeed-style work for them. It’s an exciting prospect, and it’s my first REAL professional level opportunity doing this kind of work.

But enough about me, I made this new category page because I thought it’d be unfitting to simply put my new posts in either the Professional or Entertainment categories. Especially, since the nature of the stuff I write on can fall into both categories.

On the one hand, I am working for someone and thus any articles I make would technically count as professional work. But, the fact of the matter is, the posts I make can hardly be considered anything but entertainment/humor given the content within them.

So with that in mind, I thought it’d be easier to just simply make a completely new category and then re-link all my stuff here.

Anyway, without any further delay here is my very first post that I made on


Until next time,



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