Shiftgig Left Overs – Server Dreams and Nightmares


Here’s another left over post that I made. This one is about what a server’s dreams and/or nightmares might look like.

Dreams and Nightmares of a Server

The service industry life, undeniably, will take up a huge portion of your time. In fact, sometimes it even intrudes into your mind when you least expect it. Like when you’re dreaming.


So what do servers dream about?

The answer is…A LOT of things.

Now just for the record I haven’t personally had a dream about serving before. Because I haven’t had a dream in like years.

But I can venture a guess as to some of the likely.

So without any further delay let’s get into probable case study #1

  1. Angry Customers

Angry Customer

The nightmare goes something like this:

You’re in the middle of your shift, as usual. Nothing unexpected or notable. Then you get a table. It’s a family. Mom, Dad, and three kids. Very typical family. 

You do your normal greeting, but while introducing yourself and taking drink orders you notice that the dad, clearly a military guy by his haircut and overall demeanor, is clearly in a bad mood. Marine

You think to yourself “Whatever, he’s probably just in a bad mood”. But the second you ask him for his drink order he responds with a snappy “A fucking coke, and hustle! Do you they let you work this slow all the time?”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Just a wait minute here, what the hell happened? What did I even do wrong?

The answer is actually…NOTHING! The guy really is just an angry person, but you don’t know that yet. 

Anyway, you double your efforts, make sure to fill all drinks quickly and on time. Make sure that the order comes fast and bring it in as soon as its ready, and bus and clean the table of used plates, silverware, napkins, etc. 

But all to avail, as this whole time. Captain Rage is getting more and more pissed at YOU.

The last straw (for him at least) was when you bring out your table’s full order. Clearly filling the tray as much as you can, and yet…Captain Rage totally FREAKS OUT at you and yells: “WHERE ARE THE DAMN PLATES? HOW ABOUT YOU BRING THAT SHIT OUT TO ME!!!”


The entire restaurant hears this, and everyone’s just shocked. So you come back with the plates, only to have the guy ask for your manager!!!


You get your manager, who’s already aware of the situation. He comes over, talks to the guy and all you hear is muffled yelling about how bad of a server you were. How disrespectful you were, and blah blah blah.

OK this is getting ridiculous.

But, regardless, your manager still comps him the entire meal as that is your restaurants policy.

Afterwards, the family takes their leave and obviously they don’t tip you. Tipes Denied

But that doesn’t even matter, because the next thing you know. Your manager drags you out back and then FIRES YOU!

And as he’s doing that he calls you a “dumbass” and then bitch-slaps you!


And here’s precisely the moment where you wake up, suddenly, drenched in sweat with your heart pounding.

“Oh, OK, it was just a dream” you say to yourself.

But also, in the back of your head, you know that this has probably happened to some poor server who never did anything wrong, always did his job above and beyond what can be reasonably expected of ANY server, and yet still was unlucky enough to have a psychopath like this guy come in and an even more mentally unstable manager

  1. If Only This Could Happen

The dream goes something like this:

Average day, average shift. Then you get a table of one. You think to yourself “OK easy stuff, probably just someone on a business trip who wants a quick bite to eat.” 


Turns out it’s Taylor Swift!!!

 Taylor Swift

You walk up to her, all nervous and anxious but excited at the same time.

Try your best at giving your usual introduction (Ya like that’s gonna work), but you just can’t help it.

You ask for her autograph and a selfie to be posted on your Facebook/Instagram wall. 

LOL, This guy is an idiot. I just wanted to put this picture in here for the lulz!

LOL, This guy is an idiot. I just wanted to put this picture in here for the lulz!

Her response is even better than you hoped for.

She says “Actually, I’ve totally been crushing on you hardcore. I saw you out at the bars the last time I was here, and I didn’t get the chance to say anything then. But I’ve been looking for you and I finally found you. Will you be my boyfriend? Oh and here’s my number.”

 “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, OMG, YOLO, #TSWIZZLEISASKINGMEOUT, SCORE!!!!” those are the thoughts that are racing through your head.

 Obviously the next thing you do is say yes and then IMMEDIATELY proceed to quit your job.

I Quit

Then your mind proceeds to fast forward through your completely awesome life with Taylor Swift, and in the morning you wake up nice and peaceful.

 “Crap, it was just a dream” you say to yourself.

Ya buddy, it was just a dream. But hey, you could’ve had the other guy’s nightmare right.

Anyway, I hope this stuff rings a bell to some of you brave soldiers out there on the frontlines of customer service.

Because I know I sure wouldn’t want the first one, but would take the second dream any day (night) of the week.


Anyway, I hope you guys had as much reading that as I did writing it.


Until next time,



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