5 Random Tips For Owning a Restaurant


If you’ve worked in the service industry long enough, you’ll probably feel the desire to try and own your own place.

Probably because you’ll finally be making some decent money for once. But regardless of the reasons, one thing remains true.

That it is an ENORMOUS challenge, and not one to be taken lightly.

Now there are tons of books, articles, and other resources that have been written by a lot of experts and restaurant owners. They cover a range of topics from raising capital to hiring the right people.

And going from there I decided to write an article about a few random tips, hints, and tricks that a lot people may overlook.

NOTE: that this piece is not intended to be a comprehensive guide. It will certainly not cover topics such as raising capital, staffing, and licensing among other sub-topics. The reason being that I am no expert in any of these fields, and also because there are already a plethora of resources available to any potential restaurant/bar owners-to-be.

However, what this post does cover are a few of the things that may be missed.

So with that said, enjoy!

Restaurant Food

Ya, this would be a pretty cool place to own.



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