7 Mistakes That ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Made


A little while ago I saw ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’, and like most people I thought it was pretty good. However, I couldn’t help but notice that there were some rather jarring mistakes that the film makers made.

Most of them were harmless enough and didn’t really do anything to disrupt my suspension of disbelief, but there were 7 MAJOR flaws that I just couldn’t ignore or get out of my head.

So I decided to write an article about it on Listicle.co where I am currently an official Contributor now!

If you enjoy talking and thinking about movies, and definitely if you want to keep talking about ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ then please check out my 7 Completely Stupid Flaws in ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’!

Apes Mistakes


17 GIFs That Describe Your Shift


A waiter’s shift is anything but easy. There’s chaos, confusion, and sometimes borderline anarchy; and in the middle of it all is just you and your thoughts.

Well, here are 17 thoughts that go through a waiter’s head during a busy shift as illustrated in the form of GIFs!

Ummm...OK, so I couldn't really find any visual that relates to having '17 thoughts'. So here's two hot chicks with great butts!

Ummm…OK, so I couldn’t really find any visual that relates to having ’17 thoughts’. So here’s two hot chicks with great butts!



7 Things About A Chef’s Life That You May Not Know


A while back I decided to do an article about what life is like in a kitchen. At the time, the bosses and I decided not to publish it because there’d been a recent influx of chef-related content on our site.

But that’s changed now, so here’s a list of 7 things about working in a kitchen.

Sometimes it's a warzone back there.

Sometimes it’s a warzone back there.

The Purge Inside Of A Bar


Recently I saw The Purge and decided that what if the premise of that story were to take place inside of a bar. God only knows that bar and restaurant employees are some of the most chronologically stressed out people ever, and they sure could use a good purge every now and then of all that pent-up rage.

So I decided to write an article imagining hypothetical outcomes of What Would Happen If There Were No Laws Inside A Bar For A Night

The Purge Inside A Bar

Ya…too bad this movie actually sucked! Had such potential too.

The 12 Types Of Girls Who Hit On Bartenders


So after receiving some positive feedback from our community members about the original “12 Types Of Guys Who Hit On Bartenders” I decided to continue this series and do a dude version. Wherein now I list the “12 Types of Chicks Who Hit On Bartenders”.

Check it out when you get the chance!

#YOLO, #SWAG, #PARTY, #WHATISTHISWORLDCOMINGTO...Seriously though I've never understood hashtags

#YOLO, #SWAG, #PARTY, #WHATISTHISWORLDCOMINGTO…Seriously though I’ve never understood hashtags

Skunked: Why Your Beer Tastes Weird


This was an article that I decided to do after doing some interesting research on the internet about beer getting skunked.

Apparently, there was quite a lot more scientific information on that subject than most people would ever think.

Anyway, if you’re wondering why your beer is skunked or how to prevent it from being skunked then please check out my article. 

Now if only beer could get skunked to this level of cuteness...

Now if only beer could get skunked to this level of cuteness…

How To Protect Your POS Against Cyber Criminals


So apparently a while back there was a virus known as the “Dexter” virus, and it tore through the type of POS systems that restaurants and bars frequently use.

Specifically, it stole people’s credit card information as they swiped their cards.

Now, it’s no longer a threat really because it’s obsolete now, but there are a few important things that I think we all could learn from Dexter’s rampage.

Which is why I wrote them down!

No, not this Dexter.

No, not this Dexter.