7 Ways To Deal With A Negative Review On Yelp For Restaurants


Sometimes an angry customer writes a particularly bad review about your place on your that you just can’t ignore. It bothers you, gets under your skin, and makes you panic and think that this might go viral somehow meaning that your business is about to be closed.

Well fear not, because that’s the reason why I decided to write a step-by-step guide to the…

7 Ways To Cope With A Bad Review On Yelp.

How To Not Care

See, like this guy. Just don’t care!


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Bartenders vs. Servers


Who do you think really controls the service industry bartenders or servers? I, for one, am partial to bartenders as I worked more in a bar than restaurant ever. Plus, I think that bartenders at least have the popular image if nothing else, but who knows? Maybe I’m wrong.


This is what I imagine a bartender and server fight would look like in hypotheticaland.


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7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Chipotle


Chipotle is one of those mythical devices that you always hear about from Greek mythology, Biblical stories, or fairy tales even. Except…it’s real! And it even exists in real life! Which is why I totally did a whole bunch of deep, in-depth, market research on that nice big ovally cylinder of epic goodness, and I came up with these…

7 Facts About Chipotle That You Probably Didn’t Know

Burrito Bowl


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14 Red Flags That A Crooked Restaurant Might Have


One of the most important things I learned during my time in the service industry is that a lot of restaurant/bar owners are basically just crooks! Which is why you should keep an eye out for these…

14 Red Flags That Might Prove That You Are Working At A Crooked Place!


And I know that this post is a little and is also like a week delayed…I’ve been very busy.


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The 8 Kinds Of Co-Workers That Can Drive You Nuts


A lot of people complain about their co-workers. And a lot of times it’s true!

Because some co-workers can drive you nuts!



Most people can only imagine the kind of nightmare co-workers that any service industry employee has to deal with on a regular basis.

Bad Dream

Now THIS ^ is a real nightmare.

And because of that troubling fact, I compiled a list of 8 co-workers that WILL drive you insane!

Just remember that you only have to pretend like you like them. You don’t actually have to like them.


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3 Reasons Why Chefs Basically Own The Restaurant


In the restaurant industry, it’s kind of an unwritten and unspoken rule that if you’re a server you don’t screw with the chefs.

Don't Screw With Me

Because the chefs basically own the entire restaurant.


Now, for those of you who can put 2 and 2 together pretty quickly, you’ll probably realize why. But as for everyone else…I wrote this next article to tell you why chefs pretty much control everything at a restaurant.

It simplifies to the fact that they can make everyone else’s life more difficult than anyone can make theirs. Plus, they are vital to the restaurant seeing as how they actually make the food that was the whole point of this restaurant’s existence in the first place.

Going To War

This is exactly what would happen if you pissed off the chef…except you’d lose!!!

So ya…that means that they’re untouchable


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Why Restaurants Should Always ‘Hook People Up’


Have you ever gone out to eat and you either wished that the restaurant would either ‘hook you up’ more with things like the fries? Or maybe you even felt like you were shorted on some of these very basic items.\


Well, then you’ll be happy to know that I’ve written an article explaining to restaurant owners/managers…

Why Restaurants Should Embrace The ‘Hooking People Up’ Principle.


No, not THIS kind of hook up.

Basically, this is a complicated way of saying that a restaurant should always be more generous with the fries and drinks and rice and all that jazz.


Well, it explains it in the article, but to sum it up in one short sentence.

It’s because it makes the customer happy!

Happy Customers

As in, this ^ happy!

And that’s half of what the service industry is all about. Plus, happy customers are more likely to be returning customers.

Anyway, please check it out when you get the chance.


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