How To Not Be A Noob In 5 Steps


I don’t know if I’ve stated this officially before, but I like the idea of ripping on NOOBS!

TF2 Spy Owns Noob

LOL! F#cking NOOB!

And I mean ANY noobs. Like, literally, it doesn’t have to be sports noobs or gamer noobs or any one specific organization, culture, sub-culture, etc.

It’s more of like my own personal meme wherein making fun of noobs is just something that is hilarious in an internet-culture-like way.


Anyway, in keeping with this theme I decided to write an article at work about…THE NOOB!!!

But, I didn’t want to be rude about it so instead of making fun of them as usual I decided to write a list of 5 Ways To Get Out Of The ‘Noob’ Status At Work


Ya, so…I like…kind of ran out of funny noob GIFs that would’ve fit in after that first one. So, ummmmm…OK just admire that ass will ya?


Enjoy and just remember, nobody likes a noob…


Until next time,




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