The 5 Basics For Being A Great Bouncer


Today I wanted to give you guys…

5 Basic Tips For Being A Great Bouncer!

Because oftentimes when someone first begins their long odyssey into the realm of bar employment they will start at the bottom, A.K.A. they’re going to be a bouncer first.

Bar Security

THIS ^ is how you be a good bouncer!

This may or may not be an ideal job for you, and there’s definitely people who actually prefer staying as a bouncer as opposed to another position.

But whether you aspire to climb through the ranks of your bar or to stay as a bouncer this next article that I wrote for Shiftgig are still of use to you.



Believe it or not this is actually what trying to climb through the ranks in a bar often feels like…ya it sucks!

So good luck on your journey young Padawan!


Until next time,



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