3 Reasons Why Chefs Basically Own The Restaurant


In the restaurant industry, it’s kind of an unwritten and unspoken rule that if you’re a server you don’t screw with the chefs.

Don't Screw With Me

Because the chefs basically own the entire restaurant.


Now, for those of you who can put 2 and 2 together pretty quickly, you’ll probably realize why. But as for everyone else…I wrote this next article to tell you why chefs pretty much control everything at a restaurant.

It simplifies to the fact that they can make everyone else’s life more difficult than anyone can make theirs. Plus, they are vital to the restaurant seeing as how they actually make the food that was the whole point of this restaurant’s existence in the first place.

Going To War

This is exactly what would happen if you pissed off the chef…except you’d lose!!!

So ya…that means that they’re untouchable


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