Sam and Dean

23 Reasons Why Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever


Sorry I’ve been out of the blogosphere for a little while now, but I definitely wanted to share this next post I made on Buzzfeed. Because it’s all about…

23 Reasons Why Supernatural Is The Best Show Ever!


You should probably put your hand on the screen in front of this ^ GIF if you don’t want anything spoiled for you.

Seriously, this is like favorite show ever. I could go on and on and on about why and how much I love the trifecta of Sam, Dean, and Cas just killing it onscreen. But then it’d be a little redundant, plus I don’t want to sound like an obsessed fanboy.

Crazy Fan

Ya…like THIS^ guy.

Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out yet, then please head on over to Buzzfeed and give it a quick read. It only takes like 30 seconds since it’s mostly just GIFs, but it WILL be hilarious to you if you watch the show and get the references. And obviously, consider watching the show if you haven’t seen it already.


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12 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You At Work


Accidents happen at work. Especially in bars and restaurants. And sometimes $hit happens too!

Schmidt Happens

In light of that very obvious statement, I made a list of…

12 Of The Worst Things That Can Happen To You If You Work In The Service Industry

Hopefully, my article will trigger laughter and a brief moment of comedic relief, like looking back on a nostalgic memory.

But just in case, somebody gets like Vietnam-style flashbacks to horrible, terrible memories I’m sorry and here’s a completely inappropriate and NSFW GIF of a really hot chick shaking her @ss.

Dat ASs

Professionalism be damned!

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10 Reasons Why Non-Sports Fans Don’t Like Sports


It’s no secret that our society basically revolves around sports. In fact, sports are so deeply ingrained into our culture and are so unbelievably popular that there’s even just straight-up myths and legends about things like…THE SUPERBOWL!


Now, that’s all fine and dandy for most people, but for those of us who have ZERO interest in sports, it’s a mind-numbingly, rage-inducing, infinite cycle of annoyance that seems to drive us insane.

Which is why I wrote an article about…

10 Reasons Why Non-Sports People Don’t Like Sports!

Sports sucks!

No, it’s not because I was bullied as a kid in gym class, or that I’m fat or uber-skinny. BTW let me just challenge any ‘Sports’ person to a full day of physical training just to prove that a lot of us non-sports people are actually more athletic then you may think.

Maybe, this will shed some light on why some of us, obviously ‘weird’ and ‘abnormal’ people just simply don’t like this stuff.

Seriously, read it. Even if you’re like the biggest sports guy in the world. It gives you a pretty interesting take from the other guy’s perspective. And it at least answers some of the questions as to why we don’t like sports.


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10 Scenarios That All Servers Can Relate To


It’s been a little while, I apologize it’s all because of this new job. It’s a good job, and that’s why I’ve been AWOL. But enough of that. Let’s talk about something more relevant. Like the…

10 Scenarios That All Servers Can Relate To

I Feel You

I was going to elaborate, but right now it’s really late and I need my sleep. So…


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8 Server-Tested Ways To Increase Your Tips


Everyone wants to make more money. And servers are no exception to this rule. Which is why a poll went out on our Facebook page on Shiftgig asking our community members how they get better tips. And they came back with…

8 Server-Tested Methods To Increase Tips!

How Not To Tip

Well…that’s one way to increase your tips…I guess…

The real funny part about this one is that I just realized that I wrote an article containing tips about how to get more tips. LOL!

OK, that wasn’t funny? Huh? Come on, maybe a little bit? No? Whatever!

Not Funny

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7 Uncomfortable Truths About The Service Industry


Ask anyone who’s ever worked in the service industry, and they’ll all tell the same thing. That at least one of these…

7 Uncomfortable Truths

…have probably happened to them.


The sad part about the service industry is that there’s just no denying that it’s not one of the classier parts of society. No easy way to say it, so I’m just going to blurt it out! Things can happen in the service that wouldn’t be tolerated elsewhere.

Just pray that you’re lucky enough to never have to deal with any of these issues, and if they do happen to you just remember that it’s not the end of the world and that everything’s going to be alright.

Jonah Hill Prayer

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How To Sell Yourself During A Job Interview Using Your Service Industry Background


This next article is something that is actually kind of important to me, personally. It’s about…

How To Use Your Service Industry Experience To Sell Yourself To Your Next Job.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t exactly look back on my service industry experience with bright-colored eyes. In fact, I very much regret a lot of it. And if I had the chance I would definitely not go into it at all, and pursue other paths. But whatever! Nothing I can do about it now, all’s said and done.

No Regrets


That doesn’t mean I can’t help others who are in the same boat now. Mainly college students who are working at bars and restaurants.

Because these are the kinds of service industry employees who are not going to be in there for the long run. These are the guys who will eventually be moving onto greener pastures, however, it’s a lot easier to move onto said pastures when you know how to sell yourself during a job interview.

Wolf of Wall Street

Ya! Kinda like these guys! Learn from them…just make sure you don’t learn too much.

And that’s exactly what you’ll need to do when you get out. That’s right college kids! Since you’ve dedicated your time and effort towards a profession that most likely bears little to no relevance to your intended career you’re going to have to work extra hard and persuading the other guy that you’re the one that should be hired and not the kid who’s been spending his time learning all those valuable technical skills that apply to the job, or the guy who’s been deftly networking all along.

Sounds tough right?

Don’t worry you’ll be fine.

Really, just read the article and I promise that I can at least point you in the right direction.

Need Directions

Ya…you don’t want to end up like her…

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