10 Reasons Why Non-Sports Fans Don’t Like Sports


It’s no secret that our society basically revolves around sports. In fact, sports are so deeply ingrained into our culture and are so unbelievably popular that there’s even just straight-up myths and legends about things like…THE SUPERBOWL!


Now, that’s all fine and dandy for most people, but for those of us who have ZERO interest in sports, it’s a mind-numbingly, rage-inducing, infinite cycle of annoyance that seems to drive us insane.

Which is why I wrote an article about…

10 Reasons Why Non-Sports People Don’t Like Sports!

Sports sucks!

No, it’s not because I was bullied as a kid in gym class, or that I’m fat or uber-skinny. BTW let me just challenge any ‘Sports’ person to a full day of physical training just to prove that a lot of us non-sports people are actually more athletic then you may think.

Maybe, this will shed some light on why some of us, obviously ‘weird’ and ‘abnormal’ people just simply don’t like this stuff.

Seriously, read it. Even if you’re like the biggest sports guy in the world. It gives you a pretty interesting take from the other guy’s perspective. And it at least answers some of the questions as to why we don’t like sports.


Until next time,



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