9 Struggles That All Grad Students In A ‘Technical’ Field Understand


This next post is all about my experience(s) in grad school.

No School

LOL YA, I wish this could happen.

And just FYI I actually am in Grad school at the moment, DePaul University and Computer Game Development if you were wondering…maybe? Video Games

Part of grad school is the difficulty of it, but for me there’s an even more interesting caveat…

…that I came from a Liberal Arts background to a technical one.

The struggles have been real and that’s why I felt the need to write this article about:

The 9 Struggles That All Grad School Students Can Relate To If They Came From Liberal Arts To Something Technical

Ya, I know. That title’s kind of long, but I had no real way of shortening it without losing some of the point and making it too arbitrary of a title.

Anyway, please read, enjoy, and laugh at my misery and failness.


I actually feel a lot like that guy right now.

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A Funny List of 9 Things To Make Fun Of About The New Dracula Movie


So WOW! It’s been awhile, and I’ve definitely missed blogging and this blog. Blog2

Sorry, you can blame Grad school for that. I’ve just started and it’s a little bit harder than I thought it’d be.

But I’m back!


This time, I decided to rip on and make fun of another movie that I recently saw…

Dracula Untold 

Now, just to be clear. I don’t actually hate this movie, or most of the ones that I rip on…I just enjoy nitpicking and really thinking about the plot details and then breaking down the story and trying to find flaws or things that I would’ve done differently. But I don’t dislike the movie, let’s just make that clear.

Alright, enough of that.

Please check out my…

9 Funny Things About Dracula


No, not THAT movie...that one's OLD school.

No, not THAT movie…that one’s OLD school.


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