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12 Things That All ‘Aggressive’ Dog Owners Are Tired of Listening To


So something that’s always bothered me is when people see a big or ‘aggressive’ dog and then freak out on you.

They become scared, intimidated, and then look for ways to get you and you’re perfectly non-vicious dog in trouble.

Scared of dogs

And that’s why I wrote this next very important article to me on…

…12 Things That Annoy All ‘Aggressive’ Dog Owners.

Annoying People

Yes…yes it is…

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19 Interesting Things About Working At A REAL Irish Bar.


Most people have a lot of misconceptions about the Irish, and especially what it’s like inside of a real Irish Bar.

That’s why I wrote this next piece for Shiftgig, again, about…

19 Ways That You Know You Work At A REAL Irish Bar!

Irish Bar

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